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New: June 2006 - The Challenge of Sustainable Bioenergy:
Balancing climate protection, biodiversity and development policy
- Discussion paper by Jürgen Maier, Nikki Skuce, Annie Sugrue, Gerald Knauf - (Download 98 kb)

November 2006 - NGO policy statement for the 15th session of the Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) in May 2007

NGO POSITION ON BIOFUELS, CURES Southern Africa (Download 443 kb)

August 2006 - Why the development of biofuels can benefit the rural poor – Contribution by Annie Sugrue, CURES South Africa, to the Women in Environment Conference – Empowering Women for Environmental Action, 6 August 2006 (Download 217 kb)

April 2006 - STEPS TOWARD A SUSTAINABLE ENERGY FUTURE - Position Paper of the CURES Network for the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) 2006
(Download 1 mb)

December 2005 - In preparation of the 14th session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) the UNECE Regional Implementation Meeting (RIM) took place in Geneva, 15-16 December 2005. Gunnar Boye Olsen spoke on behalf of the NGOs and called for more concrete action for sustainable energy production and consumption. His speech was especially critical of the UNECE background document for its position on nuclear energy
(Download 30 kb)

November 2005 - Global Market for Bioenergy between Climate Protection and Development Policy - NGO Policy Paper
(Download 840 kb)

November 2005 - Joint Declaration from Civil Society at BIREC2005 - November 6, 2005 (Download 30 kb)

January 2005: The European Bank for reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is currently preparing a new Energy Policy which will replace two existing policies; the Natural resources operations policy of March 1999, and the Energy operations policy of May 2000.
The CEE BankWatch Network has drafted a letter which was sent to EBRD in January 2005 (Download 166 kb)

July 2004: Parliamentary /NGO´s Call for Action and Commitments of the Latin American Parliament [Proposal edited by the Conference Secretariat] (Download 107kb)

June 2004: Stop fossil fuels funding, phase in renewables:
Export Credit Agencies and renewable energy sources
ECA-Watch discussion paper on ECA reform in favour of renewable energy export projects, Jörg Mühlenhoff (Friends of the Earth France) (Download 381kb)

31 de Mayo, 2004: Organizaciones Ciudadanas de América Latina en Bonn. DECLARACIÓN DE BONN (Download 74kb)

Bangkok, 26th March 2004: NGOs' Recommendation on the Bangkok Statement on Renewable Energy (Download 73kb)

Press Releases

Bonn, 04 June 2004 - CURES (Citizens United for Renewable Energy and Sustainability) Governments Agree the Future is Renewable: NGO's Call for Action on Rhetoric (Download 104kb)

Bonn, 03 June 2004 - German NGO Forum on Environment & Development: German NGOs: Now it is Time to Act (Download 24kb)

Bonn, 01 June 2004 : CURES - The NGO network at the Bonn International Conference for Renewable Energies. Bonn Conference Must Create the Environment For A Sustainable Energy Future (Download 99kb)

Berlin, 21 January 2004: Press Statement by NGOs attending the European Preparatory Conference for Renewables 2004. Renewable Energies: EU's Credibility At Stake (Download 28kb)


march 04:
CURES FOR ALL - An NGO Information Bulletin for the Bonn Renewable Energy Conference 2004


11/02/2004: Renewable energy: The EU must lead the way; letter to the Irish Presidency of the European Union.


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Press Releases


New Positions:
NGO POSITION ON BIOFUELS, CURES Southern Africa (Download 443 kb)